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Eight years into what has been a whirlwind career for the
Orange County natives, Project 86 are returning to their
roots, releasing their fourth studio album entitled, “Songs
to Burn Your Bridges By,” June 1, 2004 on Tooth & Nail
Records. The band, begun in early 1996 as young musicians
bonding in their common musical interests and personal
beliefs, was almost immediately a hit, garnering label
interest not only in California, but also as far north as
Seattle, Washington, where Tooth & Nail owner Brandon Ebel
recognized and signed More...

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Reviews about Project 86 songs

Filling in the blank | Reviewer: truthless86
    ------ About the song Illuminate performed by Project 86

"Your skeletons are burning eternal" is the final line of lyrics to this song. I submitted the correction a couple of weeks back but they have yet to update these lyrics to reflect it. Nevertheless, it is a very solid song.

one of my favorites | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spy Hunter performed by Project 86

this song is about how we have caught satan in his plot to kill. and how he shall hide when we detroy his empire. and how he disguises himself as a hero through money, fame, and power (truthless heroes)

Truly another great song from P86

I am the spy hunter!!! | Reviewer: Luigifan
    ------ About the song Spy Hunter performed by Project 86

THIS SONG TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Sure, they're basically screaming the lyrics, but I don't mind, because they fit me like a glove. Actually, this might make a great theme song for one of my OCs. It also seems to fit Kevin Trudeau's struggle against the pharmaceutical industry, which is a huge plus in my book (see also: "Corporate America" by Boston.) Anyways, I loved this song the first time I heard it on YouTube, and I was actually looking for "Spy" by Carly Simon! Should I say it again? Okay, I will. This song rocks!!!

Great! | Reviewer: Steven
    ------ About the song Pipe Dream performed by Project 86

I have Truthless heroes, songs to burn your bridges by and, and the rest will follow and i think that project 86 is awesome and it's nice to know that they started out just as good

One of the best project 86 songs! | Reviewer: Taylor
    ------ About the song Solace performed by Project 86

Solace is simply one of the best project songs, and one of my favorite songs, from any band.


Addictiveness Not Subject To Change | Reviewer: Amira
    ------ About the song Subject To Change performed by Project 86

Wow. I've always loved Project 86 since I had first seen their music video for "Spy Hunter", and I'd have to say this song has just as much angsty, deep lyrics and amazing guitar rifts as any other rock band in the mainstream. They really have a gift for making hardcore and I hope they continue to do so for many more albums. I full-heartedly recommend that you buy their album, "...And The Rest Will Follow", or any of their previous albums, also. They are meaningful but still got that sick mosh-pit factor. Rock on!

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