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FORMED: 1990, Braintree, Essex, England

The most successful holdover from the early-'90s
rave/hardcore scene, the Prodigy initially scored with the
1991 U.K. hit "Charly" and became one of the decade's
best-selling dance acts with a string of hit singles.
Organized and fronted by Liam Howlett, the group also
recorded acclaimed album works and toured the LPs with a
stunning live show, which approximated the incendiary
spirit of a rave better than any techno act.

Howlett (b. 1971), the prodigy behind the group's name, was
classically More...

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Review about Prodigy songs
Run Amok | Reviewer: ti7
    ------ About the song Run With The Wolves performed by Prodigy

Though I haven't asked The Prodigy, I'm almost-certain all the instances of
"You're a muck" should read "Run amok"

This fits with the song, as it is then the reason the speaker is being cut down, and one who runs with the wolves would be running amok.

AWESOMENESS!!! | Reviewer: Snooze
    ------ About the song Baby's Got A Temper performed by Prodigy

I love The Prodigy! Seen them at Milton Keynes July 2010 i believe it was. I never thought id be able to enjoy the gig as much as i did from moment they stepped on stage until they stepped off!!! Best time ever!!! Now without fail i listen to a prodigy song daily and usually this or invaders must die!!!all i can say is The Prodigy are total utter fcukin AWESOMENESS!!!

Syncopation El;;ite | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Diesel Power performed by Prodigy

This is true definition of 'awesome'. With the diesel bass. You can't ring it. Only we can bring it.
Made in Britannia. Jet black since Roman imperium adventure.
Hitting. Deep vocal power. Experience in anger.
Kicking, beating the hull on the glad ship universal.
Rolling astrology.
With Diesel Power.

out of space-is it a sample from a reg/dub song? | Reviewer: tezm
    ------ About the song Out Of Space performed by Prodigy

i have got the prodigy out of space but some time ago while at my mates gaff as i walked in i heard the arse end of what sounded like it was/could be the original,i want it..i wouldent be surprised if it was easy star all stars, they can dubify, thrash/speed/death/suicide/waltzin matilda/chick chick chicken/metal like no one can..any clues?

Just like me.......... | Reviewer: smbd
    ------ About the song No Good performed by Prodigy

I adore this song =) also describes me, cause I`m tired from so called "good friends", and I`d better be alone, than with such "friends".
It`s really better to be alone, instead of all this brain f***kers XD

And they are really no good for me)))

awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by Prodigy

Me and my girls did a dance on this song, and I must tell you, the audience was raging...
they were allover the place, dancing allongside with us, cheering....

It was a fenomenal experience...
It is a hard song to dance to, if you really want to be expressive to the sound and beat of it and not just jiggle your boobs and booty to the music ranomly, but heck, did it pay off :D


Spitfire | Reviewer: J. Spence
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by Prodigy

This song has possibly the biggest Dum n guitar sound in musc hitory, despite only having one section it is amazing and the female vocals are brilliantly arranged, the producer (and performers) have made a very understated masterpiece here

Damn Good Lyrics | Reviewer: Miguelangel
    ------ About the song Diesel Power performed by Prodigy

This lyrics are great.. good speed, weird pauses.. big words, is a really fun song to sing.. I strongly recommend you all to try and sing this song ;)

P.D: I Found no mistakes in the lyrics while singing, see ya later. Miguelangel

moo goo gai pan | Reviewer: lil connor
    ------ About the song Girls performed by Prodigy

This song is so full of life,it almost makes me forget about the filthy scourge of foreigners in our mother land.Pancho gonzales got to the top and so can I.

Mallory is done killing people... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spitfire performed by Prodigy

Juliette Lewis sings the vocals on Spitfire. and she fucking kills it!!!!

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