Procol Harum Albums

  • The Well's On Fire Album (3/4/2003)
    An Old English Dream
    Shadow Boxed
    A Robe Of Silk
    The Blink Of An Eye
    The VIP Room
    The Question
    This World Is Rich (For Stephen Maboe)
    Fellow Travellers
    The Wall Street Blues
    The Emperor's New Clothes
    So Far Behind
    Every Dog Will Have His Day

  • The Long Goodbye Album (7/18/1995)
    Grand Hotel
    Simple Sister
    A Salty Dog
    Pandora's Box
    A Whiter Shade Of Pale
    (You Can't) Turn Back The Page
    Strangers In Space
    Butterfly Boys
    The Long Goodbye

  • Prodigal Stranger Album (8/27/1991)
    The truth won't fade away
    Holding on
    Man with a mission
    (You can't) turn back the page
    One more time
    A dream in ev'ry home
    The hand that rocks the cradle
    The King of Hearts
    All Our Dreams Are Sold
    Perpetual motion
    Learn to fly
    The pursuit of happiness

  • Something Magic Album (7/1/1977)
    Something Magic
    Skating on Thin Ice
    The Mark of The Claw
    Strangers In Space
    Wizard Man
    The Worm & The Tree

  • Procol's Ninth Album (7/1/1975)
  • Exotic Birds & Fruit Album (7/1/1974)
  • Grand Hotel Album (7/1/1973)
  • Broken Barricades Album (7/1/1971)
  • Home Album (7/1/1970)
  • A Salty Dog Album (3/1/1969)
  • Shine on Brightly Album (7/1/1968)
  • Procol Harum Album (7/1/1967)

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