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New Order Procession Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2010 10:00:00 AM

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There is no end to this
I have seen your face
But I don't recognize all these things
You must have kept behind
It's a problem, you know
That's been there all your life
I try to make you see the world without you
That just turned black and white
At night it gets cold and
You'd dearly like to turn away
An escape that fails
Makes the wounds that time won't heal alone
Alone, alone, alone.

There is no end to this
I can't turn away
Another picture but the scene
It's still the same
There is no room to move
Or try to look away
Remember, life is strange
Life keeps getting stranger every day
A mass of harmless attitudes
A type that won't subside
No matter what they say
You knew your heart beats you late at night
Your heart beats you late at night
Your heart beats you late at night

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