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Lil' B Problems In The Streets Lyrics

Last updated: 10/29/2012 09:01:12 PM

I’m hot, I’m hot, it’s a fire, nigga, it’s a fire, real
And it’s hot with it, with it I’m hot

I come in cats niggas know I knock your head back
Halloween h2o, tell me where your fridge at
I got some drugs that you wouldn’t wanna touch
Got the pipes in the back where you light them from the front
You don’t gotta understand because I’m talking from the street perspective
Leave niggas with silent blessings
Don’t test this relative message, I’m coming from all directions
Twin rocks, 2 bodies, 4 caskets, I’ma go… nigga, I can’t fucking have it
I took a fade, now a nigga got a lot of baggage
Bullets coming out the wall like body snatchers
More bodies, pump shotties
Nobody, bout hummy, except them boys with them cold bodies
No respect to bitches or your fucking shooters
I’m selling numbers off the top like a fucking ruler
I put you niggas in a box like a old computer

Talking bout beef, I’m talking bout
Niggas like me, I got problems in the streets
I’ma stand my game…these niggas so creep
I don’t give a fuck, I got problems in the street
Talking bout beef, I’m talking bout peace
Step my game up, now these niggas so creep
I don’t give a fuck, I got problems in the street.

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