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Faith No More Pristina Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2013 11:05:24 AM

I'm watching you
You shall weep no more
It's your last breath of air
These walls won't keep them out
They'll keep you in
But who's going to protect you?
In every darken land
In every flower bed
In every marriage bed
I'll be with you [5 times]
I'm watching you [3 times]

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Pristina = Crn prisht | Reviewer: Macedonian | 2/25/13

Pristina is Macedonian toponym, in Macedonian language is "CRN PRISHT" and its a synonim for Anthrax. The name of that place (now is a cityname) comes from an accident of Army of the Macedonian Tzar Samoil which was infected by Bacillus Anthracis - Antrhax (in Macedonian language- Prisht) in that place.

Pristina = Pritina | Reviewer: Somebody | 6/3/12

The song explains the situation in whole Kosovo & Metohija at the moment, as Mike already said:
"These walls won't keep them out
They'll keep you in"
-to all poeple of Kosovo & Metohija

Pristina | Reviewer: Danielle Golfieri | 5/15/10

Hauntingly gorgeous. Mike Patton is a god. The preceding song on the album, "Home Sick Home" is a perfect segue into this one. Great song to end an album on overall, as well; it just has that finality to it...

Pristina = Prishtina | Reviewer: Gagica | 9/29/08

Name of my city is Prishtina and pronounce is correct like this. Name "Pristina" it was in Serbian language but 90% of people in Kosova write and call PRISHTINA.
However, Faith No More, thanks for song I love my city Prishtina.