Shy That Way
   ------Tristan Prettyman

[Tristan Prettyman]
you know you're stunning
you're absolutely stunning
and I'm running always running

and now I'm crying
you know only 'cause I'm caring
and if you were more daring, maybe you'd stop staring
come over and talk to me
and tell me about how you've been waiting so patiently
and how you tried but I just turned away
and I'll say, "yeah well you know, I'm shy that way"

shy that way
baby I am shy that way

[Jason Mraz]
you know you're stunning
you're absolutely stunning
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but you're always running
but I'll catch up to you..

the way you keep your distance
is keeping my interest
so I'll keep it persistent so...

ohh..maybe someday, someway, somehow, sometime
we'll get together and we'll break it down
and I'll ask, "why gotta be so shy, gotta be that way?"
maybe, baby, oh, I like it that way
shy that way

You know I love you so shy, shy that way
Baby baby it's okay how we're shy that way

[Tristan Prettyman]
okay well i'm(?) shy that way

[Guitar solo]

[Tristan Prettyman]
so there's always too much talking
and I wanna just keep walking
but I keep staring, baby, keep staring
though I may not know the right things to say
I'll get it out to you one day

[Tristan and *Jason*]
I'm shy that way
*You're shy that way*

do you like it? do you like it when I'm shy that way
*yes I like it, yes I like it, when your shy*

together: shy that way

*I like it I like it I like*
Yeah it's okay 'cause we're shy that way.