------Sophie B. Hawkins

Nightmare bring me to the dawn
I must ride your body on
Deep inside me I know you can抰 hide me from harm
I抦 the secret that you bear
Born of anger and despair
Who will strangle me
Who will untangle my hair

Come to me I can see
Through the holes in your eyes
When I scream out in terror
You抮e the one by my side
Run to me strong and pure
As the monster抯 child
We抳e been captured for a lifetime
But we抮e free when we抮e wild

Sleep my little darling
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for mamma
She抯 all gone
Nightmare came and took her in his arms
Find your dark horse
And ride on your course
Through the storm

Lay me down you can see
Through the rain in my eyes
That I抳e no more to lose
And I抳e nothing to hide
Playing in midnight fields
Of dreams exiled
We are strangers in the city
But we抮e free when we抮e wild