------Kings Of Leon

I like to dance all night
Summons the day
But that's how I play
Yeah that's how I play
I said who are you?
Don't matter who you are
Just saw you dance all night
And dance all day
I say (x2)
We're gonna build a fire, gonna stoke it up
We're gonna sip this wine and pass the cup
Who needs avenues
Who needs reservoirs
We're gonna show this town
How to kiss these stars
I say (x2)
We're gonna hunt to kill
Gonna skin the hide
A yelp and scream
And away I ride
And every drop that spills
On every plot of ground
It's all for you, for what you found
I say (x4)
It's gonna take your head
And gonna drive you home
It's gonna keep on keep on keep on
and then forever roam.