The Last Tear

Sharp pain when you breathe in deep
no one to catch your insecurities
you cling to the sadness in your dreams
being happy is something you don't need

You know how to play that game
even though you're the only one who plays
so attached to the feelings that you fake
your weakness is your only strength

Your so emotional yet
I don't think you feel anything
so conversational everytime
you start to scream

Dark circles right around your eyes your drama turns into sigh, you always swear this is the
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last tear you'll never cry, you traded honesty for lies you faked it all your life, you always
swear this is the last tear you'll never cry

Are you bored with the life you chose
you pushed them all away you know
you never allowed yourself to grow
are you angry at me now that you are exposed

Your story was always based on fiction
so many layers of contradictions
only your fear has driven your decisions
has pain become your own addiction



[repeat - bridge and chorus]

You always swear this is the last tear you'll never cry