Slave Runaway / Beat Rodney Down
   ------Vaginal Jesus

Slave runaway, die jigaboo (2x)
Pull over, nigger!
(Throughout:) Beat Rodney down! Down to the ground!
Another fucking nigger that got what he deserved!
At least the cops got away without time served
He tried to get away so they threw him to the ground
They pulled out their clubs and beat rodney down
They should've run him over, they should've used mace
They should've got a gun and shot him in the face
They beat him with their clubs, on the fucking ground
I wish I was there to beat rodney down
The liberals rallied, the body count tallied
Because those mindless apes rioted in Cali
The niggers went wild in several other towns
Let's kick their black asses like we beat rodney down