I Say A Prayer For You
   ------Girls Aloud

Remember when you watched me sleeping, oooh
And I'd pretend I didn't know
I gave you everything worth giving
Please don't forget me
Or worse regret me, no
Pretending I'm OK
No regrets today
But your green eyes own me
And I just feel lonely, oooh
Deep in thought of you
Not your fault it's nothing that you've put me through
Didn't think that I'd need you, oooh

I said a prayer for you
Felt I needed to
I was wrong, baby
I wish I'd held your hand
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Tried to understand
So here's a sorry from me

Long lost hesitations
Falling from my mind
Should have stayed a moment more
And given us some time

Long lost conversations
Time and time again
Everything we look for
Washed away in heavy rain

Remember when you used to call my phone
Checking I was safe and I got home
Sweetest dreams and then I love you, oooh
When I didn't even ask you to
Now you won't return my calls
No memory of me at all
I wonder do you still remember
The 2 years we were together

I said a prayer for you
Felt I needed to
I was wrong, baby
I washed I'd held your hand
Tried to understand
Now you're gone baby
When I'm dreaming I see
All the dreams that could be here again, yeah

I said a prayer for you
Coz I needed to
So here's a sorry from me
I want to believe
This ain't for real
And you still love me
But I'm wasting my time
It's not me on your mind
Here's a sorry from me