The Real
   ------Chris Miles

Ive been confused lately
Life is a war and Im losing my comrades by the minute
When you tripping follow will I get to finish, I dont know
But now these girls they wanna kick it something like in all it tell me what to do
When I really think I lost now, tell me how to feel
You can gang kick Roxby, hoppin on the grind
Something that you lads will never know about
On a road to riches but you know I took I closest route
Hand it to this rappin, if you hatin man you goin south
Flowing for forever still never suffer for the single drought,
Damn I know some people gonna read my shit
But sayin I aint sick is like Jesus being an atheist
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Chasing the paper my mind is pacing and racing
The illest kid up in the room and now Im never gonna wait a minute.
Dont ever let somebody tell you: you cant do something! Alright?
You got a dream, you gotta protect it
People cant do something themselves theyre gonna tell you, you cant do it
You gotta protect it

Vented to myself again,
I ask do these lyrics have a benefit,
And last Im finally famous,
I aint never getting sleep so Im like an insomniac
Im tryina reach the trap so I dont got no time for ignorance