Gang Green Season
   ------Lloyd Banks

[gun cocks]
[car tires squeal]

This is...
"Mo Money In The Bank"! (yeah!)
"Gang Green Season... (uh!) starts... (yeah!) NOW! "

[Verse 1:]
You love the way. {DAMN! } I bounce back right (uh!) - step up to the plate and hit
Walk up to yo' face sit; [shot] it's South-Jamaican shit! {Whooooo! }
I'm a dog! - The hell with' a relationship! [BROAW]
I feel like if I make a commitment {GOD-... } - I'll be wastin' shit! {DAMN! }
You can call me watchu wanna, I prefer stunna! (stunna!)
This is a spur brother - blue fur under. (yes!)
And this my 4th of summa (yes!) - Out come the tank tops,
It's cherry-red, Marijuana green and cocaine drops. (YEAH!) {DAMN! }
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This is where the game stops [police sirens]
I'm from where you getcha car jacked, chain popped - all on the same block. [police sirens]
You know my name, Lloyd, Flint; Bank$ or Blue! [BROAW]
Over 2 million records sold, THANKS TO YOU! (thank you!) {NON STOP! }
You know how gangsta's do move real quite like,
Just incase the shit shakin', somebody gon' die tonight! [gunshot] {WHAOOOOO! }
Oops! - You can catch me and Buck in tha matchin' Lamb's, (yeah!)
No big stack of money, just PLASTIC, DAMN! {DAMN! }

[Outro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Seen this right here? [echoes] {LLOYD BANK$! }
Is that... G-Unit soouund! [echoes]
You know how G-Unit get down! [echoes] [BROAW] {MO MONEY! }
Yeah! [echoes]
'Ey! [echoes]
My album... [echoes] is everything; yours wasn't! [echoes] {HAHA! }
You can pick that up... [echoes] [BROAW]
July 18th! [echoes] {Whoooooooo! }
"Rotten Apple"... [echoes] {DAMN! }
Yeah-ehe! [echoes]
'Ey New York!... [echoes] {SHADYVILLE! } STAND UP! [echoes]
I'm gone! [echoes] {GANG GREEN! } [gunshot] [beat stops]