The Monster (Interlude)
   ------Chris Skillz

I feel ,I feel I'm loosing it
This hammer I feel like using it
All these pills I feel just like abusing it
I just wanna stop the pain
I just wanna stop these thoughts that be going through my brain
Rather be gone forever than find myself insane
(Do that ,you can't be saved
Kill yourself, I'm the one that touched you
I'm the one who hurt you
And I'm the one who cut you
Nobody loves you ,you don't even love yourself
But I can take away the pain
You don't hate to cry for help)
How so?
(Just pull that trigger)
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I want to ,but I don't know
(Just do it and pull the trigger)
If so,where will I go?
Heaven or hell tell me you have to know
Will I rest in peace just like the rest
Will I feel the flames burning my flesh
I'm just so overwhelmed with all the stress
I work 40 hours + writing 25 hours a day
I'm still broke,drug test I still smoke
I snap quick, I hold back most of the time
Nightmares every night, I know it's a sign
(I would wish you would shut up
Damn when you got your first cut
Remember you would pull it to the head
Pull the trigger multiple times
Wishing it was slowly
The feeling it would give you
Now this time is slowly
Pull it,pull it
End it all
You'll feel better in the long run
No more games, no sadness , no more rain
And most importantly no more pain
No more pain,no more pain)