The Vice
   ------Sonata Arctica

Number nine out of eleven little littermates,
rotten apples all the way.
Littermates all with different fates,
taught them almost all I knew.

And now the best, the primus,
number nine of eleven little littermates,
feeling almighty
is after my throne

In the bright daylight, little number nine,
dressed to kill, much like me.
Takes a look at the free world behind the gate,
of a castle and escapes

I leave the baits, the night awaits
Snare well hidden for the littermate
Evaded all but one, one by one.

Eleven little litter mates, annihilate
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only number nine's not in sight.
Hiding for the moonlight eats the day
Kisses burn the paper-thin wings away.

Hate me, hate me, if they want you to break me,
love is for the weak and the restless, relief in the end
A broken lock and a twisted dream

For an early tomb, destiny's overruled
Trailed it back to the Pagan Cathedral

Don't love me, don't you dare,
I lie, I cheat and I don't care.
Don't you go telling me tales about fidelity
Truth ain't safe with me.

In (sane), in (pain)
Ran into a needle
I (love), I (hate)
don't need anyone
Lights (on), Lights (out)
Read it loud and clear
And hear the lion roar.

Without my eyes, they failed me, knots untied
I turned my weakness into a fine profession.
more I hear, more I see, I can feel the path I choose
What I did was a must, faced the music, away from the light alone.

Someone got to know me well
drowned me in a wishing well,
making mistakes, we all do,
worst of mine was trusting in a stranger.

For now I'm feeling fine,
drank poison liked the sign
Now touch the greatest fear,
impaired to look sincere.

One step behind you, turn around,
and I am gone with what I need.
The essence of timely death,
cold and dark, love less hard.