Chin Music
   ------Buck 65

(as Stinkin' Rich)

Murderous material made by a mad man!

(Stinkin' Rich/Buck 65)
Whoever guesses, thinks or dreams he knows
Even the slightest, of thee extremes of those
Isolated foes, with flows that flood advisary
created from clots of blood,
lots of mud on the backs of wack ones
That try to mudder cause they end up in the gutter
It's a warnin', so believe in the person
Step to my area and leave in a hearse
It's even worse if you tell white lies
So trouble death heaven with your bootless cries, and um
In the phrase that pays is have mercy
and if that won't work then start cursing
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If you can't bare the thought of the sucking chest wound
You better get yourself a motherfucking vest soon
I got my finger on the trigger and if I pull it then
I'll hear my name on an all points bulletin
So I'm grabbin for the pen and red ink instead,
that's right. So what did you think I said?
I'm gettin' funky so the freaks get frantic
I'll take you to the edge of panic and leave you hanging
Base bin banging in just cause I wanna
I'll take a bite out of yah just like a piranha
Now hear this, your wick wack, really doe
and that's why no one ever come to your show
Your wishin you had skills like mine to flaunt
but, you can't always get what you want.
So try harder next time and remember,
not marble or the guilded monuments or princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme.

*Scratches* Murderous material made by a mad man!

(Stinkin' Rich/Buck 65)
Hi, I'm pogo the clown!
I'm here to tell you kiddies that you're going down, down,
down hard, You'll be in the next race
When I run up and wreck the place, heh.
You won't survive if the buck 65 decides to get live
so stop talkin' Jive
From this point in time, to that point in time
I'm fighting hip hop crimes with hardcore rhymes
I don't know why the suckers wanna bite us
They're nothing but a pain in the neck like meningitis.
I'm deeper than a buried treasure,
Ode to those that stick to measure
X marks the spot. It's Chin music.