Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart
   ------Alison Krauss

Thousand miles of lonesome highway
Drinking gallons of coffee in little cafes
Brought me here
And it's so good to find
That there's someone who's got the same story as mine
Just look at us, we're a couple hard cases
So how'd we end up where we are

Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart
I feel something hittin' me awful hard
I don't know where it's gonna lead
But I just know it starts
Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart

Alison Kraus-
Been so long
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I can't believe I feel something so sweet
Where an ache used to be
Don't fall in love anymore
But I've never met anyone like you before
Stay here with me for a couple more minutes
I think there's something going on

Repeat chorus

Well it sure took a while to find
It's been waiting there all this time

Repeat chorus

Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart