Drinkin and Dreamin
   ------Waylon Jennings

Everybody's lookin' for some way in,
I'm lookin' for some way out.
I've been wastin' my time, on cheap talk and wine,
If this is what it's all about.
All I've got is a job, that I don't like,
And a woman that don't understand.
So tonight in this bar, I'll get in my car,
And take off for the promised land.

Drinkin' and dreamin', knowin' damn well I can't go.
I'll never see Texas, L.A., or old Mexico.
But here at this table, I'm able to leave it behind.
Drinkin' and dreamin', a thousand miles out of my mind.

This suit and this tie, it's just a disguise,
It ain't really me.
Some people were born, to be tied down,
Some people were born to be free.
When I look down the road, she don't know,
How it gets under my skin.
That she's got my body, but my heart and soul,
Are out there ridin' the wind.

[repeat chorus]