Dem Lot
   ------Bun Dem Out

Times dont remain the same
frienemies came and went family remained
To all those who live the same
Side by side the few the deep remain.

No surrender raised that way
fear no foe stand tall till in a ditch I lay
Bare the signs carved in with pain
Crippling my soul so cold hard remained.
How could you forget your family so quick
what you did cut me so deep
Straight like a arrow threw my hearts blood vein
You cant be trusted ever again.

The only certainty after birth is we all gonna die
and one day my time will come, dont want anyone to cry.
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cos I’m taking all of you fakes out with me
Aint nowhere you can hide
No place left to run.
Your dun.

When they say jump we dont say how high
we say fuck you for thinking well lay down and die
LBU New blood soldiers ready
LBU soldados we're ready.