------Patrick Watson

There was a time
Where our years just felt alive
Well the world started to change
And it never quite felt the same

And the sky turned to fire
And the people cried Oh why, ooh
So they (looked) far and wide
When the answer was in front of their eyes

Little children started to cry, ooh
Screaming 'Mama and Papa, ooh why'
So they told them a lie
Just to silence [?]

And the people started to die
With their hands (tilted[?])
They've been waiting for the moment before they fall down dead

Singing ooh what a shame (shame, shame, shame)
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Oooh what a shame
Oooh what a shame (shame, shame, shame)
Oooh what a shame

What a shame, what a shame
Ooh, la-la-la...what a shame
What a shame...

[instrumental part]

[falsetto part]