History Lesson (Interlude)

Shit what the fuck is this
She got her rocks off
And I got the cops off
And my fire red Lamborghini hot sauce

I was mean in 2008
Yo it’s got to be cause I’m season haters
In need of softy looks

Kanye in 2007
I’m on the west side of Chicago
Looking for a bus stand make me put my two arms up
Touch down

… in 2003
The alien has just landed any other way
What are these niggers planning, Independence Day

My nigger Method Man 1998
Thrill nigger mother figure me
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My whore undercover …

BIG 1997
Lulu Nation brothers ak creation
Minds get flooded, ejaculation

1991 you sun of a bitch let’s listen to little Ludacris real quick
One, two, three check it
I’m twelve nigger
…. I rap and I just bust around just bust a cap dap row …
Cause I’m paied like a dealer
I’m looking at the man on the wall in the mirror
Snuff can get enough of that funky dog
Cause I kick kind of like karate

Damn, pause stop flow. That was like twenty years ago
I must of stole that shit from myself