How Was California?
   ------Reckless Kelly

How was California?
Did they teach you how to surf?
Was it everything they said it was?
Was it all that you deserved?

Did you hate the Golden state?
Was it hollow just like you?
Just like every place you go
Californias got the blues

How was Austin, Texas?
Did they greet you with a smile?
Did you ride the pretty horses?
Did you feel like you could stay awhile?

Did you hate the Lone Star state?
Was it lonely just like you?
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Just like every place you go
Austin, Texas has the blues

How was New York City?
Did you take a stroll in Central Park?
Was there always something going on?
Did you feel safe after dark?

Did you hate the Empire state?
Was it miserable like you?
Just like every place you go
New York Citys got the blues