Dias Oscuras
   ------Bun Dem Out

Las dias oscuras han regresado
Jente con mente contaminado
Lo veo defrente atraz y allow
Corruptado por gobierno desgraciado

There's no smoke without fire
And your the one who incite the fear
Distractions a plenty to conceal how dirty they live

Puede ser que tanto nos odian
Puede ser que nos quieren matar
Que nos quieren exploitar
A todos sin falta
Strength and passion inspire me
But it hurts to see how love die here on our streets
Child raised by children cos times moved to fast
And some parents were just not built to last

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The youth still run wild by what do you expect
When it's stone you give when they beg for bread
All lives are at stake from the deceases and weapons man made
They try their ways to manipulate and continue
To take and take