22 Going On 23
   ------Butthole Surfers

Woman: I enjoy your show and I've been trying to get through for quite a while.
Man: Well, We're glad you kept trying
Woman: Umm. I have this problem. Last July, I was assaulted...sexually,
and ever since then, I've been having trouble sleeping.
Man: How old are you?
Woman: I'm 22 going on 23
Man: Medicine...Counseling...Anxiety...Sleep Programming
..Medicine...Sleep Programming
Woman: Well, they told me, when I have these bad dreams, to try and put
endings on the
dreams, like I come out a winner. But everytime i try to do that, I
just...don't get anywhere. It
seems, I keep having the same dream over and over every night, and
that's why I'm up so late.
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Woman: And I watch one soap opera a day. And if he happens to walk in
the house, I'm
paranoid. I just jump up and turn off the TV. Except he says, "Is that
all you're gonna do all
day, just sit around and watch TV?" And I love to travel, so I've
mentioned traveling to him.
And finances are no problem. But he says that he did all the traveling
that he wanted to do while
he was in the service.