Lets Dance
   ------Sara Evans

Baby hold my hand
Show me your my man
Take me to that land
Where we can go crazy
This whole world gets tough
When I've had enough
Need to know your love
Will be here to save me
Save me!

Let's dance!
While the lights are shining bright
Let's Dance!
While the music's feeling right
'Till the night is through
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You'll be holding me, yeah
And I'll be holding you
Lets dance!

Wanna feel your touch
You know I love you so much
Maybe with a little luck
Our world will turn slower
'Cause we've been movin' so fast
Seems life is flyin' past
Can we make this moment last
I want to remember


Oh . . . Lets dance

Oh Baby just say yes!
I got this brand new dress
This night could change our lives forever
yeah! Lets dance!

Oh . . . Romance!

'Till the night is through
You'll be holdin' me, yeah
And I'll be holding you
Lets Dance!
Yeah . . . lets dance!
Baby Baby Baby lets dance
Oh hold me, love me, show me
Baby, baby, lets dance!