------Krum Bums

Tell me more lies, so I can understand
If I didn't see it then it never happened
Wrapped up in red tape
Trail of tears
And the holocaust was a fantasy full of leprechauns
And no, no, no, life's great

With eyes sewn shut, believe anything
With eyes wide open, stare into nothing

We're fed their lies in our obese world
And fear a boogeyman and his bullet shells
He's hiding out inside them caves
So Mr. President, thanks a bunch for your words of peace
I know they mean so much
You're fucking full of shit

Our lives have been forsaken
Not for truth, or justice, or any kind of peace
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Our lives have been forsaken
For no other reason than greed

Tomorrow may be the day that we die
Tonight is the night that we rise
We're singing songs of hope
All the death and the hate that we see
Is taught from those that were taught to believe
They only want one thing

Our Live Have Been Forsaken