Crash and Burn
   ------The Transplants

"Crash And Burn"
(feat. Rakaa)

Crash and burn crash and burn crash and burn tonight
We're gonna keep on partyin till the wake of daylight

Rosy is a Puerto Rican porn star; that girl knows how to get down
Makin money, makin movies, lying always on tour, took off her clothes on the ground
Then one said: "Wake up Tim, its midnight, its a city out there to go for a ride"
Like two vampires, we ride through the cities, we sleep as dogs backside
I don't give a fuck, never did never would, never could back down, not one time
So I'm gonna keep, makin music, makin records, keep tellin people what's on my mind
I'm the same kid that I ever was even though I have platinum plaques on my walls
And I dress in black and its a fact I don't give a god damn at all


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I think back to better days, took a license to ill
Before i ever held someone fell in love with the bills
Back before I had to ride and go hunt for a kill
Way before I tried to rhyme and go hunt for a deal
Its real survives with guns playin only from the shoulders
Wrong way down a one way still avoid the rollers
Still i beat a motherfucker like its going outta style
Tried to cheat me outta my cash so i beat it out his child
Im wild, my pupild diliated same as my people
Im the only mother present to build you a church steeple
Speak evil to the world teach all the boys and girls
That they cant trust no one, show them FUCK what you heard
Cause I mind my own business and I do my own dirt
And i make my own money cause I got my own work
I swear somebody better send a ceast and desist
Before i squeeze it with my fist and they cease to exist


A party was bash for as long it was lasted
Some turn cash like hash to ashes
Some dash, but hot slugs run the fastest
Who we fought to eat, unless we fasting
But thugs are not like most actors cast it
Thugs might blast and smash your casket
America's worst fear, white, brown and black kids, together
fed up, strapped up and tatted
bald heads, jerry curls, classic perms,
various sets that'll flash off sherm
toast to a new day having its turn
tequila, the bottle is like a bath for worms
the paranoid, that's way past concerned
i hope the country and the world get past this term
this is show and tell, so the class will learn
party go until the cops come and crash and burn