Paper Cuts

When I'm Feeling Tired,
She Pushed Food Through The Door.
And I Crawl Towards The Crack Of Light,
Sometimes I Can't Find My Way.
Newspapers Spread Around
Soaking All That They Can.
A Cleaning Is Due Again,
A Good Hosing Down.

The Lady Whom I Feel Maternal Love For
Cannot Look Me In The Eyes.
But I See Hers And They Are Blue,
And They Cock And Twitch And Masturbate.

I Said So(x3)

Black Windows Of Paint
I Scratched With My Nails.
I See Others Just Like Me,
Why Do They Not Try To Escape
They Bring Out The Older Ones,
They Point In My Way.
They Come With A Flash Of Lights
And Take My Family Away.

And Very Later I Have Learned To Accept Some Friends Or Ridicule.
My Whole Existence Is For Your Amusement
And That Is Why I'm Here With You.
To Take...
Me With...
You're Right.