You Must Really Love Me
   ------Lil' Zane

say its not about tha money
say its not [tha money]x4
say it aint about
say its not tha lovin
say its not [tha lovin]x4
or u be on ya own
say its not [nothin]x4
girl it must [b sumthin]x4
or u must really lov me
chorus x2

told so many lies by so many different guys
its hard 2 c tha truth wen in front of ya eyes
im from tha city of conflict, criminals n' convicts
livin' on tha run baby, only havin fun baby
she was just a friend so i neva dug her
a young thug so it wasnt in my heart 2 lov her
u said ud love me regardless you was young n i was heartless
we both sed that i was hard-headded
everything u say went into 1 ear n out tha otha
i couldnt understand ya wanted me 2 b ur lover
u took time every nite 2 write me lov letters
n' used 2 whisper in my ear "nobody does it better"
n' did i mention they was long letters?
i like tha way u sqeeze in tha dungarees but tha thongs better
n' u believed that im not there
tried 2 make ya feel lik u could leave n i wont care...yeeah


all my life i been goin thru depression
more lovin n' less stressin, im tired of guessin
tell me if u want affection
u make a thug feel lov, u head rushin
n' i kant seem 2 get enuf kan i touch sumthin?
u like an angel wit sum wings sent 2 guide me
tha laws try 2 lock me down but u hide me
b beside me strapped 4 war soldier guide me
im tryin 2 b witchu n' aint a army thas gon stop me
sold my team tha dream n' automaticaly they knock me
said ya beat me down kuz im young im lik "watch me"
i lov winnin; ice, linnen n' keep my dubbs spinnin
lov weomen; street corners n' imma keep on bendin
but w/ u its no pretendin
even at tha beginnin i knew that u was w/ it
even tho i neva hit it
4giv me for all tha times i bullshitted
n now im all urs, baby u did it