I Love You

Verse 1
Share things with you I've
never showed a woman before.
Hold on to your to your love
You amaze me with the way you've
changed me.
Just want you to know ; want you know

Where ever you are I will find you.
Where every you go I will follow.
Whatever you say I will answer
What ever you do I'll be your guide.
Tell me your problems I'll make it right.
Oh me Oh my.
My my my myyyyy
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Girl youre mine (oh)

I Love You
I Love You
I Love You
I Love You
I love You
I dont know what im gonna do if I lose you.
I Want You
I Want You
I Want you
I Want You
I Want You
I dont know why i love so.

Verse 2
Everytime I'm with you you make me love you more and more.
Seems like a blessing never felt this way before.
Let me love you like no other
Youre all i want. Youre love ???

(Chorus Again)


Anything I ask you babe, I expect you to answer me.
Baby dont waste your time.
Come into my arms and feel this love of mine

(Chorus + Harmonizing)

(Chorus until end)