Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 17)
   ------R. Kelly

"Yeah, brud-law, that's what I'm talkin' about. Shoot 'em."
"Man, well, let me."

"Y'all lucky I like that kinda shit,
Or I'd been have shot both of y'all ass.
Come on, Twan, let's get the fuck up outta here."

"Wha--What, you just gonna let them get away with this shit?!"

"What? Kissin'?
Nigga, come on!
Bring yo ass!"

...Fuck that!
I'mma go buy me a gun,
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And I'mma come back here and set this motherfucker off!
Yeah, bitches! Believe that!"

[door opens] "BRING YO ASS, NIGGA!"

"...Gimme my motherfuckin' coat!"