Hardly Speak
   ------Alan Jackson

As i sit and look at that old jukebox,and listen to the oldies being played
it brings back sweet memories of you,and the times we had in those good old days.
i recall the first kiss that i gave you,it was just a peck upon your cheek.
you looked into my eyes so sweet and tender,i remember you could hardly speak.

and now you're gone from me forever, another came and took your sweet love away.
i think about you oh so very often,and wonder where you are today.
i never found another i loved better, each time i tried you popped into my mind.
you were the first girl i ever loved, i think i'll love you till the end of time.

and now the box is playing love me tender, i feel a tear fall upon my cheek.
my feeligs have not changed for you my darling, i get so choked i can hardly speak.

who is that lady walking through that door, i strain my eyes and can't believe it's true. She's walking slowly back here toward me, she says i've searched everywhere for you.

i recall the first kiss you gave me, it was just a peck upon my cheek.
but i can't forget the sweet memories of you, i look at her and i can hardly speak.
we sit here and talk for hours, she tells me of the love she tried to seek.
each time i tried you popped into my mind. this time i knew exactly how to speak. Shirley O. Rege.