i figured you out
   ------Elliott Smith

seen you watching
her every time she crosses the floor
so wont you just go and talk to
the one you really adore
i'm getting pretty used to being
the one that you always ignore
when somebody wants you
i've seen it before

you're every kind of color
there ain't nothing that you won't claim
your ambition and promise
and your addiction to fame
and everyone's got a dollar
sign after their name
and when somebody wants you
you treat 'em just the same

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so go on and pick up
you don't care what poison you choose
or what person you'll lose
should've been me, yeah
shouldn't it be?

crushing quiet
crawls in through your window
from someone who wants you
but you'll never know
but i'll pick up around you
clear everything out
leave you where i found you
i figured you out