Pockets Of Peace
   ------Xavier Rudd

Here and now our choices here are growing thin,
As children grow they grow with what they see
And in these times where paranioa closes in
Power and hate a rampaging disease
In our minds we build the blocks to what we need
In our minds we're reaching out for peace
In our hearts we know of such the hills to climb
In our hearts a sense of mass defeat

Shame shame these games that they play with you and me
Shame for these games our children will keep
Shame these games that they play with you and me
Shame these games that they play our children will keep
What they will keep

These are our times this problem much to big to hold
For you and I far too high to reach
We can begin by holding close the things we know
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And valueing our pockets of peace
These are the earth the sun the moon the sea the sky
These are the gifts to which we all aprove
Through these things and those we love we can unite
And sink into our pockets of peace