718 Nigga
   ------Lloyd Banks

[Starts off with the beat of Prodigy's: "Young Veterans".]
[car tires squeal]

"5 AND BETTER"! [scream]
"RETURN... OF THE PLK"! [gunshot]

[Chorus 1: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
We heavy on the hydro, and heavy on the hip!
Speeding by I'm like Angaledy on my shit.
'0-8 Gallardo, man I hollow niggas up
Bottle after bottle models follow in the truck! - What? [car tires squeal] {Whooooooo!}

The hood miss the champion, cause everybody dancing an'
These bi-polar niggas keep talking until you answer them.
Somebodies amping 'em! - I fuck around and trample 'em
Squash 'em by accident, I'll never shake your hand again! [gunshot]
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Shopping off the manakin' - dropping 20 grand again
Copping while they srcambling, I make it back gambling.
Your girl look like a gremlin' - and mine look like a dime on
Stilleto or a Timb'land - she'll pop up on your mind! {LLOYD BANK$!}
Mind your own fucking bidness don't get nosey, it get hurt!
Burried holy in the dirt from a word over the chirp.
I'm nothing like these other niggas all my clothes fit,
And I don't walk around wearing bags like a chick!
Niggas talking birds, ain't never seen A BRICK!
You either down or YOU NOT - ain't no in between this shit. {HAHA!}
If you learn to be respectful I might let you clean the whip
And get nose bleed tickets to the show you fucking prick. {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
And my cake bigger! - I'm a "718 Nigga" {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
You a snake, nigga! - One foot over the gate, nigga!
Just wait nigga! - Cowards don't last long, get blast on
Bloody face; all over the mask on, your ass gone. {DAMN!} [shot]
Don't come through here without your pass on they
Throwing "2 G's Up" - so you ain't got to ask 'em!
All these niggas want nice things, Bentleys and Ranged out
Man, I ain't seen Lupe with his board since he came out. {MONEY WRONG!}
I bet he traded that in for some wheels [police sirens]
Cause his ships change every couple years and they I'll! [police sirens]
It might not be nessaccery, that's just how I feel [police sirens]
Nigga you don't like me die slow - pop a pill! [gunshot]
You ain't got a career, just cause you got a deal
Half of these niggas told they'll come out and never will
On the real! - These cupcake niggas know the deal
My goons give out the wounds, you ain't wanna feel!

[Chorus 2:]
We heavy on the dollars and heavy on the clips
Riding through Manhattan all black and on piff.
All black Ferrari and I'm prob'ly with your bitch
Nothing on my mind more than how to get rich!

[Chorus 1:]
We heavy on the hydro, and heavy on the hip!
Speeding by I'm like Angaledy on my shit. [car tires squeal]
'0-8 Gallardo, man I hollow niggas up!
Bottle after bottle, models follow in the truck! - What? [gunshot]

THISIS50-... dot-COM! [beat fades out]