Lil Nigga (Interlude)
   ------Ace Hood

Well it’s gotta be one of the unwritten laws
Supportin that we all guiding us ah?
Them lil niggas out in the world lost nowadays

Lil nigga from a small city
17, he playin 4 door, roll with it
Lil nigga, major plans after school finish
All he ever want is Chevy with some boom in it
Lil nigga all A’s and some cool grace
Them niggas is homies, phonies, they parted ways
All because the lil nigga focused on his grades
Doin the college vengeance to Florida State
Lil nigga got his mind right
Doin it for us, mama promised her that better life
Mama Christian, a firm believer, she love Christ
Damn shame daddy strung off off that hard white
Oh girl steady going through and
See a crime, bills piling, how she gonna do it?
Lil nigga watch him mad as a motherfucker
Lil nigga fed up with section 8 struggles
So lil nigga tryina make a way
Said fuck it, ain’t no choices, got his mind made
Called his cousin, that lil nigga told him crime pays
Lil nigga like whatever to get my mom straight
Started sellin nickel bags and bought a .38
Like fuck a case, lil nigga started seein cake
After a while it’s like tradition on a daily base
Skippin school fool heavy gang affiliate
By this time lil nigga on some other shit
Lil nigga thuggin, motherfuckin scholarship
Rollin with a clique, he took the choice to follow them
Whole future gone, lil nigga had a gift
Lil nigga smoke a purp blunt
All he wanna do is murk something
Lil nigga keep his 5 with him
Getting lil money, keep a 9 clipper
Lil nigga ruined by society
Lil nigga screw up his priorities
Lil nigga took in by that peer pressure
Started getting money, make the flicks jealous
Grind away, them niggas want his head
Price on that lil nigga – couple grand
At first that lil nigga wanted by the feds
Them other niggas talkin crazy how they want him dead
It was 9 o’clock on a Friday
Lil nigga trappin where his mom stay
Couple lil niggas in the driveway
Lil nigga mama gone, she’ll be back at 8
Couple hours passed, youngin like it’s getting late
Lil nigga said he home but shit let’s make a shape
Plus mama called like know how them niggas off in the place
So lil nigga grabbed his pistol and his .38
Pullin up his pants, daps to his homies
Walked out the do’, black truck, creep slowly
Window rolled down, 4 masked goonies
Lil nigga slippin so they letting off the Uzi
Shots started firin, 2 to the head
Damn, lil nigga dead