I'm Fuckin' Flippin'
   ------Ultramagnetic MC's

Hows the Kool Keith Solo Project commin along, it's doing great yah Bob we've come out with a lot of niggers this year, we've come out with them down the ass, we're paying alot of stuff we've lost to cutbacks and another niggers comming into the industry theres more niggers to come.

Kool Keith:
I walked inside,the baldheaded man, the man is phsycho.
This A&R man, he was a white kid named Micheal
I shot him eight times, blank up in the fuckin face
I murder staff, the company I burn this place
No time for managment, what, who wanna stop a sicko
Man I'm crazy, yo cops better suck my dicko
You know I pack Mac-10's, yo fuck the F.B.I.
I'm bringin two vans, grenades and another guy
I'm cold shootin , I'm bustin up your ambulance
Pop, pop ,pop ,pop, you shake and do a rain dance
Who got the murder case, who got the murder face
I walk in companies boom and my triggers off
Uncle Toms, savage whites and the niggaz off
You talkin blank, blank, blank and all that street shit
Distinctive Breaks,freestyle, I'm on some other shit
I'm throwin big bombs, grenades at fire trucks

[Reapeat 4x] yeah I'm Fuckin flippin.

Kool Keith:
I'm buckin everywhere, people are dyin, you call emergency
I got my mask and motherfuckers dont know it's me
I'm shootin glass out, people bring your ass out
I see executives runnin, commin fast out
Please, please, I'll fuckin shoot him in his knees
And burn up the elavator, now try to fuck with these
Pow,pow,pow, I'm shootin like a wild cow
Chocalate cow, the dog is going BOW WOW
The cats are runnin everywhere, people panic
you white and black uncle Tom watch me motherfucker
I ain't no sucker, I'm still fuckin shootin I got hostages up here
Fuck you call the cops (CALL THE COPS)
Yeah I Know
I keep movin buckin my shit the staff dyin
You can't stop me you fuckin devil and a lion

[Repeat 5x]

Yeah...(Send More Cars)...
I'm on your floor, Call up the cops I shoot the phone
Zip code fuck you in the morning bullet zone
I walk in Radio City, I spray the Grammy's
I'd rather go out, piss some groupies in some panties
You know I'm not goin homo, on that singer shit
I'm on some gunsmoke shit,I'm on that swinger shit
And fuck all you groups out there and all that happy shit
I rap like a pimp, that's right I'm on some daddy shit
You bitches got deals and started out suckin dick
I'm kickin windows, the motherfuckin phsyco clique
I blow face off you punk and my dick get hard
Fuck with my program, I'm mad and my stick get hard
You want some shit, yo Moe go get the streetsweeper
Artists are nervous, beepin on my beeper

[Repeat 8x]

Keith, Keith please come out
This is Detective Goodman from the New York City Police Department
We need you to come out with your hands up and your weapons down
Please Release the hostages, the people have done you no wrong
Let them Goooooooo!

Kool keith:No!

Live Channel 2 news, Jim jenson
A man down here with a balled head
Furiously shooting, eating bananas
Looking out the window, sucking lollipops
Spitting on people and telling them to go away
And as he fiercely shoots live
We bring this special 2 news.