LA Leakers (Skit 2)

Yea, it’s the turn up man
LA Leakers
Aye you know who the fuck we are man
Justin Credible, some call me J Creddy
Some call me Mr. LiftOff
Some call me Ricky Ratchet man
It just is what it is
I could dig ya man, this is sour milk man
You know what I’m sayin?
Some people call me J
Some people call me Jason
Just because that’s my, that’s my government name man
Oh so it fits
Yea, so you know
J or Jason, you know what I’m sayin?
Okay, I’m fuckin wit ya
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Yea, you know, whatever you’re more comfortable with man
Yea we gon rock with Sour Milk though for now
Ayo K-Boy I think it’s time we turn up man
Let’s show em how we do it out here in LA my brother
LA Leakers, K-Boy
The Blue Dolphin mixtape
Let’s go!