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7th of June, 1958. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Full Name
Prince Rogers Nelson. From the 7th of June 1993 to May
17th 2000 he used the stage-name . Now his stagename is
once again Prince.

Sources in the media insist that Prince recently married a
Paisley Park employee named Manuela Testolini (Mani).
No official confirmation has emerged though.
He was married to Mayte Garcia from 14th of February 1996
to 14th of February 1999, when the marriage was anulled.

Approx 5ft 2, or 157 cm (not confirmed)

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Review about Prince songs
I think I must be crazy! | Reviewer: Robin
    ------ About the song One Of Your Tears performed by Prince

Am I hearing words that tantalize my being drawing my soul ever so more toward someone far from my reach. In my mind I am by your side but in reality I can only cry.

Another world | Reviewer: Tracy fox
    ------ About the song Good Love performed by Prince

This song is an amazing piece of work and I listen to it every day I think that the modern music from the 80s was the real music era the music movies and shows were splendid back in the days I wonder what happened but anyways this song from prince is awsome.

Incredible Artist | Reviewer: LDHaney
    ------ About the song How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? performed by Prince

There's not enough credit being given to the incredible and versatile artist that Prince was and is. He deserves so much more recognition for the vast work that shows growth, change, and overall accomplishment talent he has.

Good song....there's a idiot below me.... | Reviewer: John Barry
    ------ About the song Jack U Off performed by Prince

Ok dude, it's a song, nothing more, it's way better than the garbage you hear on the radio today buddy, but if you're just joking around then you should let people know that... otherwise this a good song, a classic one too. ;)

Response to Ekka | Reviewer: Kyle
    ------ About the song 1999 performed by Prince

Because not everyone is into death metal songs about demons and decapitation, or rap talking about screwing some slut, shooting and killing, or smokin blunts. Not everyone is a loser that has to put someone else down to feel better about themselves.

    ------ About the song Another Lonely Christmas performed by Prince

Great heart felt LONELY (LOVE) song that ONLY Prince is good at writing. This song focuses on A LOVER who has gone M.I.A in this world. DEATH and the HOLIDAYS (particularly CHRISTMAS TIME) is portrayed tangibly well here. Again, great song PRINCE!

They not That | Reviewer: jkCBWPnet
    ------ About the song Sometimes It Snows In April performed by Prince

the last two lines should be changed from:

All good things that say, never last
And love, it isn't love until it's past


All good things they say, never last
And love, it isn't love until it's past

Love this song! | Reviewer: Kerryn
    ------ About the song 1999 performed by Prince

I love this song! I was born in 1994 and I remember when everyone was all in a panick about how the world was gonna end in 2000 and it didn't. I'm graduating in 2012, so I think they should make a song called "2012", even though I think it's total BS that the world is gonna end, but it would be fun if they made a song about it. Again, great song! :)

Unsure of his meaning | Reviewer: Love always
    ------ About the song Beautiful Strange performed by Prince

The video on youtube showing him working on the song in the beginning is great, esp. his singing voice then...his speaking's an intro to his interview at Paisley Park with Mel B. (great interview & he's flirting the whole time...real cute to see him outside on a swing too). As for the song, I can't determine if he's questioning why Jesus to get to the Father ("the only game") or if he wonders why people take issue with the path if they don't care about color or name. "The son is like the diamond inside the coal" diamond in the rough?..or is he dissing God? Mel plays word association in the interview (2 separate clips song and interview) and says God, Prince's response: Nimrod! I love Price, but was appalled & Mel B. looked puzzled. Overall, I like the song, but have serious questions about what Prince meant when he wrote it. This was many years ago and now we know, he's a devout Jehovah's Witness.....
He's grown and changed over the years and even some of the more raunchy songs he won't perform anymore, yet he's still a genius.

I WONDER | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beautiful Strange performed by Prince

Beautiful song, some questionable lyrics, fantasic video, written in 1998 from Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic, Intro Interview with Mel B. (he and Mayte split in 1999, makes me wonder if they were even together then cause he was flirting up a storm, but what I call flirting is his "normal", his natural speaking voice is out of this world sexy (see vid on the tube)

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