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Personal Information
Members include Tim "Herb" Alexander (born c. 1965; joined
group 1988), drums; Les Claypool (born c. 1964), bass; and
Larry "Ler" LaLonde (born c. 1969; joined group 1989),
guitar. Former members include Todd Huth (left group 1989),
guitar; and Jay Lane (left group 1988), drums.

Band formed in El Sobrante, CA, 1984; released first album,
Suck on This, on self-administered label Prawn Song, 1989;
signed with Caroline Records and released Frizzle Fry,
1990; signed with Interscope More...

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Review about Primus songs
Uncertainty: The story of Love | Reviewer: 2existntl
    ------ About the song Mary The Ice Cube performed by Primus

Your insight with regard to Meth and Ice are intriguing. Though funny, Jose, i'm inclined to side with Anonymous. Very sad the instability of relationships.

Suck On This..My thoughts. | Reviewer: J. Curry
    ------ About the song Tommy the Cat performed by Primus

First album I bought by Primus. After seeing Tommy the Cat video when Mtv actually played videos in '92. This album was like a drug that I couldn't get enough of. I Never did anything in moderation. That included Drumming. I knew what I was hearing was unbelievable and at that time, He too would be like all of the other percussionist(an insane amount I say)that had a style that anyone would declare was kickass. All the hours spent listening to certain songs if not the whole album when i would sleep,sometimes wasn't enough. For someone to say what i did to learn how to play a song was a bit extreme at times,Has no idea. My dedication was No different than the true dedication of other musicians. Well it goes without saying that Les,Ler and Tim had proven to me in this album to be no less than three musical genius's. From Suck On This.My very first Primus experience. All the way to Les Claypooles "Purple Onion". And All In Between.

Les lived this trip over the grapevine | Reviewer: ours 3CK
    ------ About the song Over the Electric Grapevine performed by Primus

According to Les himself : That song is about a trip that I took to Los Angeles with Adam Gates who actually is the artist who did the picture that we're going to use for the record. He's just an old friend of mine and he had a band called Monkey Rhythm a while ago and they were going to shoot this video down in L.A. Some college students that they knew were going to do it as a project so he and I drove down to Los Angeles one night in his Datsun and we were fried on acid. So there were many very interesting things that happened to us on the way down. It was a full on Hunter S. Thompson experience. So I couldn't really tell the whole story in the song because there was just so much shit that went on but there's little references to different things. But I remember, we're driving along and it would be completely dark and every now and then I would lean up and grab the little map light thing that folds out and aim it at my face and click it on and go--like some crazy face and he'd start freaking out because it was the most hilarious thing in the world to us.
And we pulled into some truck stop to get gas and I bought a pack of cigarettes. I hadn't smoked in years. I bought some cigarettes and I stole a lighter and we bought a bunch of candy and, being idiots, bought a bunch of stuff, got back in the car and I started smoking all these cigarettes just to be a bastard filling the car with smoke. We were just fucking with each other the whole way down. I had this gum that when you bite it, the stuff squirts in your mouth, you know? And I didn't realize it was that kind of gum 'cause I hate that stuff. So I had this gum and I took it and I was squeezing out the juice and I was sitting there just squeezing it onto his shoulder while he was driving, the juice from this gum and I ate it. And he's like, what are you doing? And somehow the whole car seemed like it was full of this sticky stuff. It was everywhere. It was like the most horrible feeling.
So we ended up in L.A. and there's references to us flying over the grapevine through the fog and hearing--Faith No More's new song had just come on the radio, from the Introduce Yourself record, which was my favorite Faith No More record. It came on the radio and it was the total perk me up and we go flying over the grapevine. And we get to L.A. and we had been listening to this radio station, I guess Deep Purple was coming to town or something so that whatever heavy metal station down there was playing Deep Purple all the time. And we were going back and forth from that station and this college station where these people were talking on the radio. It was like Howard Stern type stuff. They were bullshitting.
So we're driving along and it was too early for us to show up at this video shoot, but it was late and we were tired and we didn't have a hotel or nothing, we didn't have any money. So Adam goes, "Well, we played the Roxie before." 'Cause I didn't know L.A. at all. He says, "Well, we played the Roxie before. Let's pull in behind the Roxie." So we pull into the parking lot behind the Roxie and we park and I'm lying there and he takes off. And I'm flipping through the channels and some Deep Purple song comes on so I'm listening to it on that station. I'm just lying there kind of half asleep kind of still frying and
the song ends and I flip the radio back to the college station and I hear Adam's voice on the radio and he's all, "Yeah, when you think of acid, think of Monkey Rhythm." Click. "That was Adam calling from a phone booth. His friend is asleep in the car right now behind the Roxie. And they've driven down here..." and I was like whoa. It was like total mindbender, you know. Pretty soon Adam comes walking back around the corner. I told him, I just heard you on the radio. He goes, "No way, they played that over the air? " So that's what that song is about. It was just one of those crazy weekends. Hunter S. Thompson would be proud, I think, of that weekend.

1936 | Reviewer: ours 3cK
    ------ About the song Pilcher's Squad performed by Primus

Apparently this asshole is still alive (according to Wikipedia), Sergent Pilcher, the purety of the motherland, the guy who wanted to rule the world his way, some kind of open minded cop.
A queen bootlicka, a pig who drinks pork soda...

Fisherman's Chronicles | Reviewer: Kenn
    ------ About the song John the Fisherman performed by Primus

This is part 1 of a four part story that is continued on later albums. part 2 is fish on from sailing the seas of cheese, part 3 is ol' diamondback sturgeon from pork soda and the newest is last salmon man from their new album green naugahyde

Say baby... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tommy the Cat performed by Primus

This song is just zany enough to work. The lyrics are both synchronized with the rhythm of the song and at the same time completely separate from it. If you don't understand what I mean, try singing along with it. I dare you.

Response to Previous Review | Reviewer: Anonymous 2
    ------ About the song The Antipop performed by Primus

The song to me seems less like a criticism of pop, and more a criticism of those who condemn pop unconditionally. This can be seen in phrases such as "my belly gurgles hungry my mouth is always full", "Pushing misinformation through the holes in my skull" and "but the stench of all my pretense I cannot muddle through". It seems to be the story of someone who is different for the sake of being different, the antithesis of pop, but instead ends up being just as shallow and meaningless. The lyrical correction is right, but the original incorrect lyrics that were on here certainly weren't something that wouldn't fit the tone of the song, IMO.

One take for the video | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mr. Krinkle performed by Primus

@LittleKrinkle: It was shot in one take because that was the concept. It took much longer to plan and execute the one take than it would have taken to just film a bunch of stuff and edit it later-- in addition to all the work beforehand, there were many practices before the shoot, and more than one shoot of the take, I believe. I was in the video. It wasn't just one circus, it was a whole lot LOT! of people all with special talents brought together in a warehouse in San Francisco, and everyone got paid afaik. The video is an amazing feat itself.

It's 'bout Meth... | Reviewer: José
    ------ About the song Mary The Ice Cube performed by Primus

I love this song, but you can tell it's most likely about Meth. "...Now she's gone. Doesn't nothin' ever last forever..."
Ice is usually coordinated with rocks of Crack or Meth. Basically he's just sad it's gone, but it's dirt cheap so I don't see why he'd be so upset...personally I'd never touch the dirty...

Primus and Les' use of words. | Reviewer: Roze
    ------ About the song Too Many Puppies performed by Primus

I always appreciated how Les can get a point across without going into too much detail and focus more on the music itself. This song is a perfect example. The irony is genius, laughable even, "too many puppies", just the words alone, with men dying over commodities. Les is brilliant.

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