Pretty Maids Lyrics

The band Pretty Maids was formed back in 1981 in Horsens,
Denmark. The rumour says, that Ken Hammer chose the name
Pretty Maids from the cover of a book he had seen, but
never read, -he just liked the sound of it!
Another old story tells, that he and Ronnie Atkins got
together because of a small add in the local newspaper,
where a singer was looking for a band. Lucky for the world,
that these two metal-geniuses found each other.
With the influence from names like Thin Lizzy and Deep
Purple, the band sweated away in their rehersal-room, More...

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Review about Pretty Maids songs
awsome song | Reviewer: alice
    ------ About the song Hell On High Heels performed by Pretty Maids

i beleive that im probably the biggest nickelback fan ever,but even i think they out did thereselves on this song,im probably who they were writing about in these lyrics (kidding)but so strangely true in ways ha ha

Excellent | Reviewer: ross farber
    ------ About the song Future World performed by Pretty Maids

This group was mentioned on a king diamond LP
By chance at a now replaced place to cash checks, an attractive young lady would give away old tapes.... this was one of them, and wow, does this do it . Yery talented, excellently composed!

forevermore | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Enter Forevermore performed by Pretty Maids

i just wanna love you forevermore and i wanna hold you just like before and maybe someday we might just find a way and we will love forevermore

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