Pretty Girls Make Graves Albums

  • Élan Vital Album (4/3/2006)
    The Nocturnal House
    Pyrite Pedestal
    The Number
    Interlude / Instrumental
    The Magic Hour
    Selling The Wind
    Pearls On A Plate
    Pictures Of A Night Scene
    Bullet Charm

  • The New Romance Album (9/9/2003)
    Something Bigger, Something Brighter
    The Grandmother Wolf
    Mr. Club
    All Medicated Geniuses
    Blue Lights
    Chemical, Chemical
    The Teeth Collector
    Holy Names
    The New Romance
    This Is Our Emergency
    A Certain Cemetary

  • Pretty Girls Make Graves Album (12/10/2002)
    3 Away
    Modern Day Emma Goldman
    Liquid Courage
    Head South

  • Good Health Album (4/9/2002)
    Speakers Push The Air
    If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone
    Sad Girls Por Vida
    The Get Away
    More Sweet Soul
    Ghosts In The Radio
    Bring It On Golden Pond
    By The Throat

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