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Manfred Mann's Earth Band Pretty Flamingo Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2007 11:00:00 AM

On our block all of the guys call her flamingo
Cause her hair glows like the sun
And her eyes can light the sky
When she walks she moves so fine like a flamingo
Crimson dress that clings so tight
She's out of reach and out of sight
When she walks by she brightens up the neighborhood
Oh every guy would make her his if he just could
If she just would
Some sweet day I'll make her mine pretty flamingo
Then every guy will envy me
Cause paradise is where I'll be
Pretty flamingo pretty flamingo
When she walks by she brightens up the neighborhood
Oh every guy would make her his if he just could
If she just would

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Poignant Lyrics timeless | Reviewer: Peter Robb | 9/8/2007

Hi affectionadoes
I was driving to Otago University this hot Spring morning and these lyrics were so relevant to my life at present. I have heard Manfred Mann singing this before out but it sounded better in 2007. It is all about giving young/ all guys hope. Like the Betty Grabel pin ups and decals on planes in WW2.
There is this girl you see... Julia Roiter Berenszstejn who caught my eye at Design Studies in 2007 . She is that type of girl in the lyrics by Manfred Mann [truncated]. She has a great flair for fashion and comes from Rio de Janeiro ["out of reach... out of sight"]. Not only does she brighten up my heart but the neighbourhood [when she walks by...].. This guy wishes he could make her his[ if he just could...]. She walks like a catwalk model["moves so fine like a flamingo"]. Her hair is like gold ["glows like the sun"] and way down her back. She does these amazing hair flips with it. Her face is very atavistic and her eyes ["can light up the sky"]. "Some sweet day" I would like us to have a meaningful relationship and well [paradise is where..."] I hope both of us would be. The only thing is some other guy has just made her his...and she will not go out with me.. However after being a bit set back by her decision, the song by Manfred Mann Earth Band this morning rekindled my hope that some sweet day I will make her mine and paradise may be a reality if Julia is agreeable. This song 'Pretty Flamingo' is so poignant after all these years to the springtime and contemporary notions of love.
It is a bit sexist from the PR and male perspective but hey, guys need hope right..?

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