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Soulja Boy Pretty Boy Swag Lyrics

Last updated: 01/19/2011 10:00:00 AM

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This right here is my swag
All the girls are on me, damn
Everybody pay attention
This right here is my pretty boy swag (ayeee)
Pretty boy swag (ayye) [x4]
Girls on my dick when I pretty boy swag
girls scream my name when i pretty boy swag
Watch me pretty boy swag (ayye) [x2]
Girls on my dick when I pretty boy swag
Girls scream my name when I pretty boy swag


[Soulja Boy:]
Get out the wayy
Pretty boy comin' thru
Me and my crew we swaggin in the room
Girls on my heavy 'cause I look so sexy
Yellow diamond shawty in the club straight
I'm lookin' 4 a yellow bone long hair star
Thick in the hips come and get in my car
You party with a star we take off and go to mars
Pretty boy take off in


[Soulja Boy:]
I'm pretty boy swaggin' in the club I feel sexy, no homo
No homo shawty but my chest is straight flexy
Tatted on my neck shawty said she choose me
She got big titties and a fat ass booty
Took her to my condo let that girl strip
Then she got naked then she pretty girl dip
Damn I like the way lil mamma shake that ass
She pretty girl dancin while I pretty boy swag


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