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Tell me where our time went
And if it was time well spent
Just don't let me fall asleep
Feeling empty again

Cause I fear I might break
and I fear I can't take it
Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

Now that I'm losing hope
And there's nothing else to show
For all of the days that we spent
Carried away from home

Somethings I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

Without you

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
well I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

i can Feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
You're better off without me............................

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Poop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/13

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
well I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

This song is about pooping. Seriously, read the lyrics and consider that she might be reminiscing about her various experiences with fecal matter of her lower bowels.

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

i love paramore with all my heart.
i'm going to see them this august. <3
side note: i find it funny that the comments differ from each band.
paramore fans comment about how they love them.
muse fans comment about how they love them and what they think the songs about.
<3Muse&Paramore are beastly

keep rockin paramore! | Reviewer: hayley williams rule | 8/22/09

paramore is like the cooolest band in the world i love paramore so much. I've heard a lot of band they said its like paramore nut its not! paramore is very unique! and i love them i love hayley williams and her awesome rockin voice !!

I really love PaRaMoRe!!!!! | Reviewer: jessica | 12/7/08

I started hearing PaRaMoRe at first I didn't like it untill I kept hearing it all the time I started likeing it the first song I liked was emergancy and the all the song ill do anything 4the world to see them play or meet them too!

WOW | Reviewer: stephanie && Taylor | 9/2/08

Omg Paramore is our fav band ever. We got tickets to a concert && cried. They are all amazing. the songs r so real. they are jus all out amazing. if we ever meet any of them we would cry. hope they keep makin ahh mazing music. WE LOVE PARAMORE.. N 1 fans

I LOVEE PARAMOREE SOOO MUCH ! THEY ROCKKK !!!!!! | Reviewer: Nizzi G | 8/3/08

OMG i have SOOO much 2 say about Paramore !

Hayley's voice is sooo amazing she's my inspiration and i know this might sound cheesy but she's my role-model !
I just Lovee misery Business nd pressure.
B4 i used 2 like R&B nd dah buh since i heard Paramore they've become my all time no 1 fav band.
I totally wish i could sound like her man.
I would give anything 2 meet them especially Hayley !
They're my addiction...i'm just obsessed with their songs.
And the lead guitarist JOSH FARRO IS SOOO FUKIN FITT !! :O

paarmores amazinggg :) | Reviewer: emlayy bby | 7/11/08

wow paramores like my inspiration.
their one of the best & one of my favorite bands :)
hayley has an amazing voice and
their music has meaning, alot of it.
i can't waait until they come out with another album!

paramore rocks | Reviewer: kayla | 4/12/08

i love paramore so much that i would give anything to meet her.i never miss any of her videos on tv.i have all her songs on my computer, belive it or not but im listening to one right now.guitar hero should make guitar hero paramore version.pressure and misery business are the best songs. the best video was misery business to. i thought it was funny.i think you know what part im talking about.if you dont i'll give you a hint it was at the end before you wiped off the makeup from that girl who acted like she had aditude.

Oh Geeez...<3 | Reviewer: ZuleyPooh!! | 4/11/08

Oh man..PARAMORE is the Best band eva...Hayley's voice is incredibly Amazing...and I can totally relate to the songs liik misery bussines, crush crush crush (currently doing some Choreagraphy for this song in dance club) and pressure man this liik one of their best songs...I love th beat of the music it just makes me feel so confident and strong....thanks Paramore I love you!!!!!

OMG I LOVE PARAMORE SOOOO... MUCH! | Reviewer: morgan boston | 4/2/08

OMG.. where to start??
im listening to pressure right now.
i got the game sims 2 like 2 christmases ago, and i heard this song on there, and i was like omg whoever sings thsi is awesome. and just a few weeks ago i was listening to paramore songs on my phone and i came upon this song, and i never heard it before, so when i heard it, i was like "HOLY SHIT PARAMORE SINGS THIS?!?!?!" i love them so.... much.
i would really love to meet them in person!!
Hayley is my role model. i love her, and her awesome voice, i wish i could sing just like her!!
i wish i knew her in person!!
I love them so much that on my myspace page, its alllll paramore. if you want to check it out, my URL is..
i love them, and im kinda an addict. but i really dont care becuase to me, they are better than any otehr band out there!
I REALLY cannot wait for them to have a concert in Louisville, KY, cause ill definently be there! so if anybody knows about them going to be either at Louisville or Cincinatti.. PLEASE message me at

another one of life's awful dramas that turns you inside out | Reviewer: Dorothy | 1/8/08

I really LOVE Paramore. Pressure right about NOW is getting me through a romeo-and-juliet-like relationship. Their songs are totally relatable and it doesn't hurt that Hayley has the coolest voice ever.

love them | Reviewer: joselle | 12/26/07

before my all time favorite is the simple plan but when i heard hayley willams sung my all time favorite is just my second favorite now and the no. 1 is PARAMORE., they are the best!

looove | Reviewer: BarbieDorkk | 11/24/07

this song is sooo amazing....i totaly relate!!! im getting over a guy that did some stupid stuff.... paramore is my new oxegyn i love it more than anything

i love paramore!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 11/13/07

emergency is the best song EVA!!!! i love u hayley ur hair so kewl paramore is my favourite band eva

love u hayley | Reviewer: porkee emo | 10/29/07

hayley always brightens my day..she's my heat of winter..everytime i hear her voice and their songs im you hayley and paramore!

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