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Rocko Prepared Lyrics

Last updated: 02/18/2013 06:29:51 AM

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I'm prepared for this shit
Gotta stay prepared
Gotta stay prepared
I'm prepared for this shit
I was grown by the best
I'm prepared for this victory
Dumb boys getting rich through me
They motivate me to rap
Now I make history
I don't know why they love my voice
Just think they relate to what's great
I'm prepared for the love
Prepared for the hate
Prepared for the real
Prepared for the fake
I'm prepared for the desperate move these suckers gonna make
I'm prepared for the M's ,
I'm prepared for the cake
I'm prepared for the sneak
Disprepared for the phonies
I'm prepared for this gold digging bitches who want money
I'm prepared for success
I keep the love in me though these niggas plotting
I'm prepared for the fuckery
I'm prepared for the scoop
I'm prepared for the blogs
2000 for my radar
I'm prepared for the law
I'm prepared for being first
Ain't prepared for being last
I'm prepared for you sneaks
I'm prepared for that ass
Proper preparation proving piss per perform
Ain't prepared for some sick they gon tell me that it's raw
Never had to worry I conquered all my feels
Nothing you can do to harm me 'cause I stay prepared
I live my life on the edge
On the win and the prayer
Day by day trying to make a way
I never really cared
I can tell you I make plans
I can take the test I'm saying
Never know what tomorrow hold
You gotta be prepared

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