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Dragonforce Prepare For War Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2009 11:00:00 AM

[Music: Herman Li, Lyrics: Herman Li, ZP Thearth]

I hear a distant thunder
They say bow down surrender
Witnessing our demise and the sins of our land
Why can't we see from under?
Dark reign of our defenders
Endlessly torturing the souls without stand

Fight now let's break the chains
So strong we must feel the pain
Forever torn apart from the haunting hears of my heart

Rage and fear from skies above the fire fuels my veins
Destruction of humanity the everlasting flame
Cast away no turning back from long forgotten shores
We'll show no mercy as they fall
The fire burns inside now prepare for war!

You fear the pain no longer
Daylight your heart be stronger
Don't even sense the burning hunger inside
Ride out with force and valor
In memory forever
Towards the battering and rise of the tide

Stand now and break the chains
In unity we feel no pain
Forever torn apart from the haunting fears of my heart

Rage and fear from skies above the fire fuels my veins...

[Solo - Herman, Solos - Sam / Herman]

Looking around there's no fear in your heart
For I know you will never surrender
Everyone here raise their eyes to the sky
Now with strength and honor we fight

[Solos - Sam / Herman / Sam]

Rage and fear from skies above the fire fuels my veins...

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badass | Reviewer: weewoo411 | 3/5/09

wow, the intro to this song is BADASS! talk about getting pumped up for the day. how can people hate this band? sure the lyrics to the songs can be cheesy and the keyboards (especially in this song) can remind you of donkey kong games, but it's awesome :)

Amazing song | Reviewer: Jeremy | 2/27/08

This song totally rocks... wonderful lyrics and amazing instrumentals. Now I'm not a DF fanboi, but I cannot see how people can hate DragonForce... but I've found a few... should've broken up with one as a matter of fact!

Nice | Reviewer: The78thdude | 12/25/07

dude...this song rules. DragonForce may not be the best in concert (or so I've heard) but who cares when there songs sound like this! DF FTW!