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Something isn't right
I can feel it again, feel it again
This isn't the first time
That you left me waiting
Sad excuses and false hopes high
I saw this coming still I don't know why
I let you in

I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong (somethings always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
So predictable (so predictable)

So take your empty words
Your broken promises
And all the time you stole
Cause I am done with this
I could give it away, give it away
I'm doing everything I should of
And now I'm making a change
I'm living today
I'm giving back what you gave me
I don't need anything

I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong (somethings always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
So predictable (so predictable)

Everywhere I go
everyone i meet
Every time I try to fall in love
They all want to know why I'm so broken?
Why am I so cold?
Why I'm so hard inside?
Why am I scared?
What am I afraid of?
I don't even know
This story's never had an end
I've been waiting
I've been searching
I've been hoping
I've been dreaming you would come back
But I know the ending of this story...
You're never coming back

I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong (somethings always wrong)
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
So predictable (so predictable)

Everywhere I go
for the rest of my life
Everyone I love(so predictable)
Everyone I care about
They all wanna know what's wrong with me
But I know what it is(so predictable) And I'm ending this right NOW!

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so predictable | Reviewer: taylor hwenshaw | 1/10/12

o m g this sons is amazing i think the it is the second best song they have eveer done and btw jole you are amazing i cant wait till your concert i am well going i love you jole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I knew something would go wrong... | Reviewer: Ana | 9/5/11

This song fits me a lot...It reminds me about my ex-boyfriend...I broke up with him 2 weeks ago.We're still friends but I haven't forgotten him yet...I still can't see him as a friend completely...It's hard for me,I was hurt then,even if he didn't want to hurt me...This song says what I felt before we broke up...I felt that something wouldn't be OK,that I would lose him because of my shyness and this is exactly what happened...
I've also been dreaming that he would come back one day....I'm still dreaming and hoping that...but I know it's too late and that it's better if we're just friends...And yeah,I'm trying to fall in love again but I'm too shy and everywhere I go everyone from there asks me what's wrong with me but when I'm in a bad mood I hate being asked why I am like that because I'm trying to forget the reasons why I feel bad...
But well...I would like to dedicate this song to my ex to make him think a bit about this situation,to see how much he hurt me even if he didn't want to,to see how I feel now but...I guess we'll remain just friends forever...I'll get used to it...

i really resent him for what he did. | Reviewer: | 3/22/09

this song reminds me about my dad putting me aside for his wife and her son. he broke so many promises he made to me and everytime he breaks another one i listen to this song trying not to cry myself to sleep cause he did it again. i don't believe him anymore and really resent him. and he knows it now. but maybe it's too late for apologies. the damage is already done. and i can't trust him when he says something. i love them. amazing band. amazing song.

Predictable | Reviewer: Declan | 12/19/08

This song totally reminds me of a girlfriend i once had, she was pretty much the reason why i breathed, but then she dumped me and that sucked, lol, but i'm over it now, this song was seemed to be about her XD.

amazing song | Reviewer: kirstyy | 6/22/08

I love this song,
My b/f was like that last year so after he dumped me i printed off the lyrics and gave them to him and he apoligised for being like that.

I love good charlotte. I dont care if there emo or whatever their music is good right ?

have a good day :]

don't cry because its over, be happy because it happened. | Reviewer: kat | 2/19/08

by b/f asked me what my fave good charlotte song was the day b4 valintines (i thought he was getting me the cd-yeah right!) and said his was predictable. two days later he said to me 'im dumping you, ok?' that night i looked up this song, thinking i could leave some lyrics on his desk and 2morrow im just gonna ask to meet him somewhere and sing the whole song... but i suppose life just goes on

awesome and true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I love gc they are so awesome and you can feel the emotion in all of their songs and this is tops you can tell they aren't just singin it cuz they have to they actually feel that way and i just luv it and also joel is hot

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

i so agree i luv gc and what i luv is that you can hear the feeling in all the songs they sing and tell they have been there and that they aren't just faking it and i totally luv that about them and joel is so sexxxxy

Yeah..well...Yeah! | Reviewer: Hannargh=] | 12/31/07

Everyones like GC are emo blah blah blah.
I Dont care if they are or not
If they even were, so what?
They make people feel good.
And this song reminds me of bad times, so I listen to it, cuz every time I do, it reminds me how good i got it going now.
Dunno, i just felt the need to put that..

ABOUT G.C... | Reviewer: naomi | 1/1/08

A band that is listened to by the masses. People think that only psychopathic, freaky, dim-witted preppies listen to them, but that is entirely untrue.

1. We do NOT all think Joel is hott. Get over it.

2. Some of us, I repeat, SOME of us actually have brains and can use them in a very intellectual manner.

3. They aren't trying to be anything. They're just being themselves and making music.

4. You know, you CAN listen to Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and a bunch of other various bands without being a poser.

& 5. Ok, maybe they "sold out", but if you want to have a career in music that you love doing, and actually make money doing it, you HAVE to sign with a major record label. Get over it.

I rest my case. I'm not saying that any of you have to like Good Charlotte, but I'm just asking you to hear me out, because I'm not like most of the fans you've probably met. Good day to you. :]

cant think of one | Reviewer: nameless-shameless | 12/22/07

i like this song coz its so emotional. its actually the third time i hear this song but i know half the lyrics off by heart.
evrytime i hear it i remember abt my boyfriend, we broke up abt a month ago but he said he couldnt be with me nymore coz he never even liked me, n it reminds me of the times wen we used to go out n he wud just ditch me there n go wth his friends n i had to call my friend to come pik me up, n then i wud just make up excuses like "no, there was a rlly big fight goin on n i had to go! sorry i left u there"
the shouting part's actually the best! coz it best expresses how i feel abt tht bastard!

love it | Reviewer: jenni | 11/30/07

I love this song!!! I think this is the first rock song I have ever loved sense Im mexican but besides that the guy that is singing is so sexyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

this song remins me | Reviewer: Georgina | 10/23/07

The lyrics in this song remind me of how my boyfrind broke up with me last year......I love this song to bits!! Best song ♥♥

Reminds me of... | Reviewer: Viki | 10/13/07

This reminds me of my 'friend' especially the second verse.
She is so predictable, she hurt a lot of people and gave promises she couldn't keep.

predictable | Reviewer: the nameless | 10/15/07

i know its weird but i feel like cryin every time i hear this song! its just so emotional i love it i think its 1 of their best songs. also benji and billy are HOT!


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