Pre)Thing Lyrics

Drums Dino, Bass guitar Jon Troy Winquist, Vocals/Gutiar
Rust Epique

There's a band from Hollywood called PRE)THING. Well, there
are a million bands from Hollywood. And they're full of
people from all over the country-all over the world,
actually-and they all want to play their music and they all
want to be famous. Most of them won't succeed. Some of the
ones that do succeed won't deserve it. Some that deserve
success will never find it. There's only one sure thing
about these bands: there will always be a steady supply of
them. More...

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Can't Stop (22nd Century Lifestyle) | Reviewer: Deathsythe
    ------ About the song Can't Stop (22nd Century Lifestyle) performed by Pre)Thing

This song is awesome it is a motivation to get up in the morning and face that crazy thing called life...

pay attention to the lyrics, they DO mean something! So accept it

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